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Chotu Chai

KARACHI: When sipping from a cup of ultimate freshly brewed tea, you see things through rose-coloured glasses. The soothing warm liquid can culminate any bad day or make it easier to ingest a doughy Chicken Cheese Paratha. That’s the effect Chotu Chaiwala’s Elaichi Chai has on you; its thin, light texture, delicate infusion of cardamom and hint of sweetness leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that momentarily drowns out any distress

Entrepreneur and client of Bank Alfalah, a long-time IFC partnerI am 17 and I own two branches of Chottu Chai Wala, my own take on a dhaba restaurant. I am still in school and studying for my A-level examinations.Growing up, I saw Karachi as a very depressing city. There was a lot of crime and people were scared. Now things are better. I wanted contribute to this, to help turn Karachi ,

A YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR COOKS UP CHANGE FOR PAKISTANMohammed Qamber Hussain wants to change his country, one restaurant at a time.At age 17, the young Pakistani man has already established two pioneering restaurants in his hometown of Karachi. He became an entrepreneur at such a young age because he’s hungry for change—and his recipe for breaking down social barriers calls for clean, affordable tea restaurants that are also comfortable for women.“Growing up, I